High-Tech Product (environmental friendly halogen
free low smoke optical composited power cable)
High-Tech Product (halogen free low smoke frequency converter cable)
High-Tech Product (high strength dynamic fatigue resistant chain cable) High-Tech Enterprise

National Torch Program
(composite cable for DC driven system)
High-Tech Product (movable medium voltage frequency converter watertight cable for ocean engineering)
Acceptance Certificate for Jiangsu Torch Program (new indoor/outdoor halogen free low smoke tight buffer distribution cable) Acceptance Certificate for Jiangsu Torch Program
(new halogen free low smoke nylon sheathed building distribution cable)
High-Tech Product (water tree retardant medium
voltage durable power cable)
High-Tech Product (indoor/outdoor self-loaded digital concentric cable)
High-Tech Product (composite cable for DC driven system) Key National Torch Program
Group Level Supplier for China Huaneng Group Jiangsu Famous Product
Jiangsu Famous Trademark China Contract Abiding and Promise Keeping Enterprise
Qualified Supplier for PetroChina Group China Top 500 Machinery Enterprise in 2008
Wall of honor