About Us

JiangYang Cable Co., Ltd. was inaugurated in 1989 as a Chinese manufacturer of high performance cables. Our company infrastructure is fully integrated with elements of development, production, and distribution. As a prominent domestic supplier we provide clients with an enormous selection of products including the 35KV cable, power cable, control cable, computer cable, silicone cable, shipboard cable, heat resistant cable, flame retardant, fire resistant cable, aerial insulated wire, copper conductor PVC insulated wire, etc. These connective mediums are widely utilized in industries such as oil, railway, petrochemical, metallurgy, construction, electric power, power grid, and ship building.

Annually, we produce approximately 1 million kilometers of cable, earning revenues of 3.6 billion RMB. Our company is located in the scenic city of Yangzhou city, within Jiangsu province. We are a mere 20 minute drive from both Yangzhou and Taizhou airports. Accessibility to highways and railways provide us with convenient logistics. Our production facilities spans across 430 thousand square meters. We have a staff that consists of 1582 employees and 178 engineers.

"Excel and exceed" is our company motto. Quality has always been a JiangYang guaranty. Years of market analysis has forged a solid reputation for our brand.

All of our cables are crafted from premium raw materials, strict screening procedures are in effect. Over 2 decades of industrial experience has allowed us to produce superior cable cores. On top of a solid foundation, we have incorporated world renowned production techniques and equipment. This has led to a product approval rate of 99.8%, a figure that is on par with international standards. The combination of high quality raw materials and advanced production technology is the famous JiangYang guaranty.

Our company has established a quality assurance department that is under the direct guidance of our general manager. This standalone department is equipped with professional quality-control instruments, strictly monitoring each stage of the production cycle, ensuring the yield of high quality cables. All key projects and export products are scrutinized under the scope of the National Cable Quality Inspection Centre. Official quality assurance reports document the 100% approval rating of our shipped products.

In more than 20 years of business, JiangYang has always maintains strict management guidelines. We have successfully passed the certifications for the ISO9001 management system, ISO14001 environment management system, as well as the OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system. The management infrastructure of our company is evolving to accommodate international standards.

JiangYang strives to incorporate new technology into the production lines. After 2 decades of continuous expansion and advancement we have cultivated numerous talents in the field of technology management, controlling the infusion of advanced manufacturing techniques. Our company has successively introduced the SPV triple tier co-extrusion production line and the UV irradiation cross-linking machine, creating a new model of fire resistant medium-voltage power cable and light cross-linked power cable that is on par with national standards. Both of these products have received domestic patents.

Our company is the proprietor of a product development center, and is tasked with 16 national high-tech product development projects. We have 28 patented technologies and have received the title of National High-tech Enterprise on multiple occasions. Our products have been officially certified by various standards such as the European CE, American UL, German VDE, and the South African SABS. These products are exported to America, Russia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Viet Nam, the Philippines, Laos, Congo, Morocco, Ecuador, and South Africa, among other countries and regions. We have garnered the approval of clients worldwide.

Fierce market competition has allowed our company to evolve and adapt. We have received numerous awards and titles such as the "Top 500 Chinese Machinery Manufacturers", "China's Well Known Trademark", "Nationally Approved Trustworthy Enterprise", and "Bank Recognized AAA Credit Rating Enterprise".

Over the years, JiangYang has maintained the corporate attitude for sincerity, dedication, perseverance, and excellence. We strive to exceed expectations and become pioneers of innovation. With an international corporate stance, JiangYang remains a domestic leader in the cable industry, acting as a guiding force in the expansion of the global market.