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Plastic Insulated and Sheathed Instrument Signal Cable

The plastic insulated and sheathed instrument signal cable is produced according to the standard of Q/321011KLA202-2009, which means that it also conforms to the British standard of BS5308-86. This product is suitable for signal transmission as well as connection of instruments in computer system, automatic system and distributed control system, and the applicable field includes smelting industry, power generation plant, petrochemical industry, etc.

Working Conditions
1. Rated voltage U0/U: 300/500V
2. Max. working temperature: 70℃ for common type, 90℃ for XLPE type, and 105℃ for models ending with "105".
3. Min. ambient temperature: -40℃ for fixed laying and -15℃ for non-fixed laying.
4. Min. bending radius: 6 times of cable outer diameter for non-armored type, and 12 times of outer diameter for armored type.

Major Technical Parameters
Item Unit Data
PE Insulation PVC Insulation
Insulation Resistance at 20℃ (≥) Between any pair of conductors MΩ·km 5000 25
Between pair of shielding 1 1
Operation Capacitance at 1kHz (≤) Type3 pF/m 75 200
Type 1 and 2 90
Capacitance Imbalance at 1kHz (≤) pF/m 1 /
LR Ratio (≥) Cross Section μH/Ω
0.5 mm2 20 20
0.75 mm2 20 20
1.0 mm2 25 25
1.5 mm2 35 35
Shielding Control Ratio (≤) 0.01 0.01
Test Voltage V/1min 1000 1000
Flame Retardant Property Conforms to GB/T18380-2008
Flame Retardant Property
Item Data
Common Flame Retardant PVC Low Halogen Low Smoke PVC Halogen Free Low Smoke Polyolefin
Oxygen Index 20-32 31-36 36-40
Smoke Density (≤) 600 300 With flame: 50
Without flame: 260
Liberation Amount of Hydrogen Halide (≤mg/g) 580 100 5
Hot Set Test
Item Unit Data Standard
Air Temperature 200±3 GB/T2951.21-2008
Test Time min 15
Mechanical Load N/cm2 20
Max. Elongation with Load % 175
Max. Permanent Elongation after Cooling % 15
Specifications of Conductor
Nominal Cross Section (mm2) Conductor Structure Resistance at 20℃ (Ω/km)
Type Wire Number/Nominal Diameter for Single Wire (mm) Non-tinned Tinned
0.5 3 16/0.20 39.0 40.1
0.75 1 1/0.97 24.5 24.8
0.75 2 7/0.37 24.5 24.8
0.75 3 24/0.20 26.0 24.8
1.0 1 1/1.13 18.1 26.7
1.0 2 7/0.43 18.1 18.2
1.0 3 32/0.20 19.5 20.0
1.5 1 1/1.38 12.1 12.2
1.5 2 7/0.52 12.1 12.2
1.5 3 30/0.25 13.3 13.7
Model Code Description
Item Code Description
Flame Retardant Property ZR If there is no letter, it means this product is not flame retardant type. For flame retardant type, it contains three levels which are A, B, and C.
DDZ Low halogen low smoke flame retardant
WDZ Halogen free low smoke flame retardant
Series DJ, J Instrument signal cable
Insulating Material V PVC
Y Polythene
F Fluoroplastic
V Low halogen low smoke polyolefin
Y Halogen free low smoke polyolefin
Shielding Material P Cu wire woven
P2 Cu tape
P3 Al/polyester combined film
Sheathing Material V PVC
Y Polythene
V Low halogen low smoke polyolefin
Y Halogen free low smoke polyolefin
Armoring Material 2 Steel tape
3 Thin steel wire
Conductor Structure A Single strand conductor
B 7-strand twisted conductor
R Multi-strand soft conductor
Specification Pair number × wire number × cross section: N × n × S
N: 1, 2, 3, ……24
n: 2, 3
S: 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.5 mm2

To better illustrate the above table, two examples are given for reference.

Example 1: For a Cu core polythene insulated and PVC sheathed computer cable, and it is 10-pair two-core type with cross section of 0.75mm2, it can be expressed as the following way:
a. Cu wire woven individually shielded product using A type conductor: DJYPV(A) 10×2×0.75
b. Cu wire woven individually shielded and collectively shielded product adopting B type conductor: DJYPVP(B) 10×2×0.75
c. Cu wire woven collectively shielded product with R type of conductor: DJYVPR 10×2×0.75
d. Al/polyester combined film works as individually shield, and B type of conductor is used: DJYP3V(B) 10×2×0.75
e: Al/polyester combined film works as individually shield as well as collectively shield, and R type of conductor is applied: DJYP3VP3R 10×2×0.75
f: Cu tape individually shielded and collectively shielded steel tape armored product using B type conductor: DJYP2VP2/22(B) 10×2×0.75

Example 2: For a 12-pair 3-core flame retardant computer cable with cross section of 1.0mm2, if it also uses Cu core, PVC insulation and PVC sheath, it is named as:
a. Cu wire woven as individually shield, class A flame retardant, B type of conductor: ZRA-DJVPV(B) 12×3×1.0
b. Cu tape individually shielded and collectively shielded class B flame retardant product with R type of conductor: ZRB-DJVP2VP2R 12×3×1.0

Production Range
Model Rated Voltage (V) Nominal Cross Section (mm2)
0.5 0.75 1.0 1.5
Pair number
300/500 1-40
2-40 1-40
2-40 1-40

Note: The production range of other models is the same as the table above.

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