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Profibus Cable

As indicated by its name, this profibus cable is mainly used for data communication of field bus, and the rated voltage is 60V. This product conforms to the standards of EN 50170, IEC 60332, IEC 60754 as well as IEC 61034. In addition, the product marking includes model, rated voltage and factory name, and the core marking uses color mark or digital mark.

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Type and Descriptions
Type Descriptions Standards
PBS PE/ Foamed PE insulation, aluminum foil and tinned copper wire braided shielding, polyolefin outer sheath profibus cable EN 50170
IEC 60332
IEC 60754
IEC 61034
Technical Parameters
No. of Pairs × 2 × Nominal Cross Sectional Area Referenced Outer Diameter Referenced Weight
mm2 mm kg/km
1 × 2 × 0.5 10 ± 0.5 145

Related Names
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