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Cable Manufacturer

As a professional cable manufacturer in China, Jiangyang, founded in 1989, produces various electric power cables, aerial cables, marine cables, and specialty cables. Our major products include 1kV-35kV high voltage cable, insulated overhead cables, industrial control cable, communication cable, elevator cable, and electrical wiring. The high voltage power cable features strong resistance to fire and high temperature. The insulated aerial cable can be used in the 10kV or 35kV overhead transmission line for power transmission. Our marine shipboard cable is suitable for the power, lighting, and control devices of ships and buildings on the water. The control cable is used in the AC line as well as the control and protection lines of electrical instrumentation. Jiangyang has obtained 16 national patents and our electrical cables are successively certified by CE, VDE, SABS, and UL. We are committed to providing customers with safe insulated cables.

    1. 35kV XLPE Insulated (Flame-Retardant) Power Cable
    2. 35kV XLPE Insulated (Flame-Retardant) Power CableFor the common type, it adopts advanced photo cross-linking and three layer co-extrusion technologies, so it shows the advantages of outstanding reliability, high degree of crosslinking, good resistance to high temperature, etc. Based on these features, it is suitable for power system where the conductor works at 90℃. On the other hand, the flame-retardant type uses protective jacket that is resistant to fire, and flame retardant is added ...
    1. 1kV/3kV PVC Insulated (Flame-Retardant) Power Cable
    2. 1kV/3kV PVC Insulated (Flame-Retardant) Power CableRated voltage U0/U: 0.6/1kV, 1.8/3kV
      Permitted long-term working temperature: 70℃
      Short circuit: Conductor temperature ≤160℃, lasting time ≤5 seconds
      The ambient temperature should above 0℃ when laying, and preheating is necessary if the ...
    1. Halogen Free Low-Smoke / Low-Halogen Low-Smoke Flame Retardant Plastic Insulated Power Cable
    2. Halogen Free Low-Smoke / Low-Halogen Low-Smoke Flame Retardant Plastic Insulated Power CableFor the insulation part, the base material is polyolefin, and it is mixed with halogen free fire retardant. Then, the mixture is evenly blended with crosslinking catalyst, and processed by the single screw extruder. Finally, it is crosslinked in warm water or under natural condition to create the insulation. On the other hand, highly flame-retardant glass filament is used as filler, and it is also resistant to heat ...
    1. Silicon Rubber Insulated and Sheathed Power Cable
    2. Silicon Rubber Insulated and Sheathed Power CableThe silicon rubber insulated and sheathed power cable takes advantages of extruded tubing technique which improves many properties of our product, such as reliability, water proof property, resistance to acid, alkali, aging, radiance, corrosive gas as well as low temperature, etc. Meanwhile, it also offers stable performance under high temperature, and it is widely applied for harsh environment ...
    1. 0.6/1kV NBR Soft Power Cable
    2. 0.6/1kV NBR Soft Power CableBased on these features, it is suitable for places that have special requirements of oil and low temperature resistance, and the rated voltage should be 0.6/1kV AC or below, such as control line, illuminating line, communication line, etc. Meanwhile, it is also applied in dynamic transmission line for movable equipment including crane, trolley, transmission machine and others. In addition, this product has been ...
    1. Special Power Cable for Frequency Converter
    2. Special Power Cable for Frequency ConverterThis product is able to work as the power supply cable or electrical connection cable in the frequency converting system whose rated voltage is 0.6/1kV AC or lower. It shows good resistance to voltage surge, and can withstand the impulse voltage during frequency conversion. Meanwhile, it also possesses excellent shielding effect which can eliminate the electromagnetic interference and cut down noise generated by the variable frequency motor ...